naranara03 is now ready !!



A year has already passed since publication of Issue 2. Whilst we’ve spent every day of the week wandering around Asuka, there will be many readers who are wondering what on earth we’ve been up to! It’s time to go to press. We’ve been building links with Asuka. Meeting people every day, talking to them, getting introductions and then going to meet those folk, talking to them … this has been going on for a whole year.


The number of overseas visitors to Asuka can almost be counted on one hand. There simply isn’t the infrastructure yet for welcoming individual travelers. Being able to introduce the unique attractions of Asuka to visitors, and providing opportunities for interesting encounters with the villagers, is great for the locals. To facilitate the development virtuous circles, there is a need to create ways, involving the locals, of welcoming and looking after visitors.


The specific actions which we’ve taken prior to this publication include support for groups with English-speaking guides, helping to develop English language tools which can be used by shops, shrines, and temples, providing information for starting up guest houses, and other coordination activities. Taking a year is rather too long, but during this time we’ve wandered around and bumped into people, and had growing opportunities to have a drink or two with them on the way.


We even received gifts of local vegetables. With this 3rd edition, which focuses on networking, we hope the attractions of Asuka, its history and culture, the four seasons, and most importantly exchanges with the special folk who live in Asuka, will develop and fresh energy will be injected into the area.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the more than 200 people who have devoted their precious time to help make the 3rd edition of naranara possible.


02号を発行してから早1 年が過ぎた。つまり1年間、毎日毎週、明日香村をうろついていたことになるわけだが、「1年もいったい何をしていたの?」という読者も少なくないだろうから、書いておこうと思う。一言で言うと、明日香村の人々との関係性づくりをしていたのである。毎日誰かに会い、話をし、紹介してもらい、会いに行き、話をし……を1年繰り返していたのだ。