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‘naranara03 EXTRA – Learning to Understand and Appreciate the Kitora Burial Mound’ is a special edition introducing the Kitora burial mound, a large tomb or tumulus, constructed during a period stretching between end-7th and early 8th centuries, in Asuka village in Nara Prefecture. Discovered by local villagers, the burial mound is over 1,300 years old. The most important site remains include, on the roof of the stone chamber in the burial mound, the oldest existing celestial chart in the world, four mythical creatures, said to provide protection from the four directions – east, west, south, and north – and the twelve zodiac signs featuring animal heads and human bodies. These, together with the colorful wall painting or fresco of the sujaku (a red bird resembling a phoenix or pheasant), the only example in Japan, have attracted huge public interest over the years. Who on earth was entombed here remains one of the great mysteries. The real joy in history, however, is freeing your imagination and using it to fill in the gaps! Satoshi Narita, former Asuka Historical Museum curator, helps explain the frescos and other important aspects of the Kitora Tomb. The more you think and learn about the Kitora tumulus – such as ways of looking at the wall decorations – the more insights you gain, and the more interesting the whole subject becomes!


『naranara03 EXTRA もっと楽しいキトラ古墳!』は、奈良県明日香村にある、7世紀末~8世紀初頭につくられた墳丘型のお墓「キトラ古墳」を紹介する特別号です。1,300年の時を越え、地元の人々によって発見されたキトラ古墳。その石室内には現存する世界最古の「天文図」や、東西南北を守護する獣形の「四神」、獣頭人身の「十二支」の壁画が残されています。なかでも、日本で唯一の極彩色壁画の「朱雀」が発見されたことで、一躍脚光をあびました。しかし、被葬者が誰なのかなど、まだまだ解明されていない謎も数多くあります。そして、その謎について、自由に想像できるのが歴史の醍醐味。今回は飛鳥資料館の元学芸員である成田聖さんをナビゲーターにお迎えし、壁画の見方など、知れば知るほどもっと楽しくなるキトラ古墳をご紹介します。



Published March 2014

Published : Asuka Village + SEED’S CREATE Inc.

Editor in Chief : Nobuhiro Maeda (SEED’S CREATE Inc.)

Associate Editor : Kensuke Akashi (SEED’S CREATE Inc.)

Adviser : Satoshi Narita

Editorial Director & Contributing Editor : Tomomi Tada (MUESUM)

Contributing Editor : Miyuki Sakamoto (MUESUM)

Art Director & Designer : Yuma Harada (UMA/design farm)

Designer : UMA/design farm (Keisuke Yamazoe / Ryosuke Nishino / Haruka Kitamura)

Photographer : Yoshiro Masuda

Illustration: Tadashi Nishiwaki

Translator : Bob Heffill (Quest Japan Limited)

Printed: SEED’S CREATE Inc.



発行:明日香村 + 株式会社シーズクリエイト

編集長:前田展広( 株式会社シーズクリエイト)

副編集長:赤司研介( 株式会社シーズクリエイト)




アートディレクション:原田祐馬(UMA/design farm)

デザイン:山副佳祐/ 西野亮介/ 北村陽香 (UMA/design farm)



翻訳:Bob Heffill(Quest Japan Limited)